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Our Building History

Our Building History

1423 China Kitchen Windsor History
The building, dating back to 1423 is believed to be the oldest, or second oldest building in Windsor, after the castle, which was built some 200 years before, and it situated in Church Lane, a quaint cobbled street.
1423 China Kitchen was originally known as The Engine House and used to be home to Windsor's first fire engine. A stone plaque relating to this can be seen above the adjoining alley way.
Beneath the building there are tunnels that used to lead to the castle - probably for use during wars, or perhaps for Henry VIII to sneak some of his many wives in!!
According to Royal Berkshire History website:
... a ghostly figure wearing a stiff white collar and a hat like a Quaker with long flowing hair and a beard haunts 1423 China Kitchen in Church Lane...
Footsteps can sometimes be heard upstairs!
There have been many unexplained occurrences in the building over the years, with some guests claiming to feel a ghostly presence!
Please feel free to have a look around at some of the original features, or ask your server for more details.