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Our Story

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Our Story

About Us

At 1423 you will find a very friendly and professional team offering the best modern Chinese food and a wonderful customer experience here in Windsor.

Enjoy a really authentic Chinese meal in one of the oldest buildings in Windsor, built in 1423. As we named us 1423 China Kitchen.

1423 China Kitchen is dedicated to promoting genuine traditional Chinese cuisine to local Windsor people. We are willing to provide a channel for exchanging cooking cultures of China and UK.

Here we offer you quality Chinese food that is low in sodium and free from artificial flavourings as we use fresh ingredients and local Sichuan flavourings. With a professional chef team, we promise that each dish will be prepared by at least 5 professional chefs before delivery. We will start to prepare new dishes ather than pre-cooked ones as you make an order.
Formal dine in is a good option here. Dates, family gatherings, company parties, or business meetings are all available here. You can have a unique experience of enjoying most genuine Chinese food in this second oldest architecture which can date back to 1423 at Windsor. Our first-class Chinese chef team will enable you to taste genuine Chinese food without going to China.

Handmade furnishings with classical Chinese style here are made by 12 descendants of inherited royal carpenters for nearly 4 months.
The building is full of colourful history: the first Windsor fire station was located here and  used to meet his mistress in the cellar of the building...
Whether you are a tourist or local resident you are all very welcome to come and enjoy our cuisine.
All food is created by an exceptional team of top chefs using quality, authentic ingredients.
Whether you are a seafood lover, meat eater orvegetarian you all will find your favorite food here.